Service Blueprints

Know-Man Component 4 aims at supporting the interregional transfer of Good Practices. Knowledge being the ability to act and to find decisions may not be transferred just like a physical product. Instead, knowledge transfer involves complex processes of contextualising and de-contextualising knowledge. Therefore, if working on the transfer of a certain Good Practice, one needs understand the framework in which a Good Practice works (and under what kind of conditions) and then find solutions to integrate the practice in one’s own cultural and institutional context that can differ from the one the Practice is being transferred from.

The Know-Man project therefore has foreseen a several-step-approach for supporting the interregional transfer of a given Good Practice. It includes following steps: Getting to know the partners and their Good Practices – Initiating Expert Tandems / Expert Groups, consisting of donating and receiving partners – Carrying out 1st Expert Tandem Workshops – Developing Service Blueprints on selected Good Practice – Developing a Draft Implementation Roadmaps on selected Good Practice – Carrying out 2nd Expert Tandem Workshops – final version of the Implementation Roadmap and good practice implementation.

Service Blueprints (SB) and Implementation Roadmaps (IR) are a very important part of this approach. SB describes the Good Practice as carried out by the donating partner in the originating region. SB needs to be described in such a detail that someone not familiar with the practice is able to understand, what activities, measures and resources are needed in order to transfer and implement a similar practice in another region. Responsible for SB formulation is the donating partner.
IR on the other hand is prepared by the receiving partner and is based on the SB. The focus is on necessary adjustments that have to be made in the original Good Practice in order to transfer it to a new region. This means that we have to take into consideration questions of cultural, economic, social… conditions in the new region and accordingly adjust the Good Practice.

Together eight (8) Service Blueprints and 3 Implementation Roadmaps have been prepared. Besides two expert tandems decided to prepare not a full version of IR but a similar document which describes differences between the practices in donating and receiving region and necessary adjustments that would have to be made for a potential interregional transfer.